Written by Mykolas Krupauskas. A passionate software developer from Lithuania, currently situated in the Netherlands. Helping people create value with technology.

A Year of Studying Computer Science 🏫

September 01, 20206 min read

A year has passed since I started my computer science and engineering degree. Things I liked, disliked, and thoughts about university.

Intro to Serverless 🚀

March 10, 20205 min read

A technology that helps you easily, and cost-effectively deploy server-side code that scales amazingly well.

Becoming an 18 Year Old Software Developer 🤓

July 14, 20196 min read

My journey in the world of software development and how I started working as a developer while still studying in high-school.

Recap of YGLF 2019 👨‍🏫

May 18, 20195 min read

Recently I attended the first frontend conference in Vilnius. You Gotta Love Frontend was an action-packed and an extremely informative…

Hello World! 👋

May 17, 20191 min read

A short introduction about me and this blog. Outlining what this blog is about and what I hope it will become sometime in the future.

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