Weekend Warriors

Technology: GraphQL, React, Gatsby, SCSS

Weekend Warriors is a games studio that was created by a couple of friends who spent their weekends creating games.


Technology: Frontend, Pug, Bootstrap

LRT is the national public broadcasting company of Lithuania. The website is a news, radio and television gateway as well as a vast public collection of digital media.

Restaurant Reviews

Technology: Node, Express, MongoDB, Pug

This is a restaurant review type website. I made it as a learning exercise to pick up new technologies like Node.js (with express) for the back-end and MongoDB for the database.


Technology: Unity, C#

A mobile game created at the 10th Hacker Games in Vilnius. It won the games track. The team behind this game is called Weekend Warriors. The game is available on Google Play.


Technology: React, Messenger API

A project made during a 48 hour hackathon in Kaunas, Lithuania. We presented a solution for getting more from negative reviews online. As we detect the user is leaving a bad review we initiate a bot to collect extra feedback.